AR with Friends

Augmented reality is a magical medium for adding wonder and play to real world locations and video calls. AR effects, such as themed backgrounds, environment filters, masks, costumes, and virtual props offer fun, fresh new ways to express what we see, feel, and say on social platforms. And, when shared between friends, AR elements provide an immersive social experience that can be customized and designed to create unique moments of sharing and connection.



Screenshots from augmented reality face filters in a video calling experience.

Let's Be Friends

Characters who co-inhabit our screens are great fun – and even better when we can interact with them! Our Instagram and Messenger AR group effects, such as Pegacorn, My Little Friend, and the loveable Marcel the Shell, introduce colorful side-kicks who can react to facial expressions, cozy up on our shoulder, and make us laugh. Callers can also send a character from their screen to yours with gestures and facial cues, such as a glitter of rainbow sparkles or a kiss on the cheek!

Take Off Together

Space Race pokes playful fun at the billionaire space race, suiting up participants as astronauts and blasting off into the stars (watch out for floating props and packages as you approach zero-g!). 

A person using an astronaut augmented reality face filter.
An augmented reality face filter where a person is an astronaut in a spaceship.


A Snowee Adventure is a collaborative game that invites participants to work together to build a snow person and then mint not-so-traditional outfits for their new wintery friend. Communication is a key part of the experience as players must synchronize their head movements in order to roll and stack the snowballs into shape. Once they succeed, the players are rewarded with a group sleigh ride next to Snowee across the wintery landscape.

Blending Spaces

The effect Butterfly Migration offers a space for peacefulness, whimsy, and delight. Finding calm entices the butterflies to flutter into frame and settle gently on your face. And you can share butterflies across the divide to your friends' screens as well!

A phone screen showing three people using an augmented reality face filter with colorful butterfiles.

Sometimes, finding a way to colorfully express your mood is all you need to connect with friends.  Aura Vibes matches the callers mood by shifting the color palette and animations to visually enhance a range of emotions based on their facial expression.

What better way to come together than across distances and dimensions in the Stranger Things Season 4 Effect, an experience which transports callers to living landscapes of featured locations from the wildly popular show.

A Growing Collection

Our portfolio of social augmented reality effects is continually expanding and pushing the bounds of what’s possible. Creative characters, exploratory environments, collaborative games, and engaging interactions connect friends and inspire imaginations, and can be experienced as mobile apps or on social platforms.

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